To the Idealists of This World

All human beings do what they think is right.

Hope should be a step, not the entire strategy.

Because everyone has an idea of what they want society to be like.

You can waste time trying to convince everyone your vision is the best, or you can go out and make your vision a reality.

This decision is what separates the theorists from the practical doers.

Almost every effective leader chose the second option.

Their words and speeches, therefore, were not intended to persuade everyone to willingly change their mind and agree with them.

That is impractical.

Rather, they wish to brainwash them into subjugation.

After all, whether one’s plan for society is the best or not is subjective anyway.

Let’s see, then.



  1. Absolutely love all your work! You really have a talent for writing and are amazing with words! Keep up the amazing work 🙂


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