The Ruling Hand


there are days when


there are days upon days

and nights upon nights

when she dreams


when she envisions

when she foresees

a future of ruling

and of authority and respect

the petals of the rose

would be left in peace and helped in need

the young innocent buds

would be nourished and blossom

but the thorns

the ignorant thorns

would be torn and cast aside

not only them

but her conscience too

what is one person’s heart

compared to the world?

the heart is the root

but it should not later become the test

for it is not soul

that wins in chess

and before you warn her

of aspiration and ambition

you should know

power tempts

absolute power

tempts absolutely

if the sun set thus

nothing but this would be the path

she cannot deny she would shake her hand

with the allure of allures

the darkest of darkness

the enticing hand of ruling.


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